Killin' it with fresh, sassy & cheeky tees
Killin' it with fresh, sassy & cheeky tees
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Welcome to Heavymachinery and what I am hoping is the start of a great relationship. 

Where do I start? I have had the idea for this brand for many, many years. It's grown, it's reset, it's matured, and until now, it's been just that, an idea and a conversation. Here I am, tired of the conversation and ready to take a leap. 

I love a great white tee with anything, and I love a fun tee with anything even more. They're a part of what makes me feel great, tough, at ease, and ready to kick ass! 

If you've landed on my page, you've hopefully read a bit about my love for heavy machinery as well. My husband often askes me if we need to stop when we pass a construction site, he knows me too well, and I have been known to sneak a closer look after hours. 

I wanted to create a brand where I could share the things that make me feel great. Hopefully, they'll speak to you, and who you are too!  A great lipstick, the perfect messy bun, a coveted pair of shoes, and in this case, a great tee, are the things that become our heavy machinery to take on the journey of life. 

I wanted a simple modern brand that is empowering, cheeky & sassy. These tees that inspire me to be my best and remind me that, even on my not so best days, I'm human. You'll even find some tees that quietly tell those around us who need it, to check themselves.

Life is beautiful, messy, rough, and tough. 

I hope you find a tee that speaks to your inner self and  to those around you. Everyone needs a little heavy machinery.